About Craig Anderton

Craig Anderton leads a dual life as a musician and author. During the early ’70s he played sessions on both guitar and synthesizer for Epic, Metromedia, Columbia, RCA, United Artists, and other labels. He has played on, mixed, or produced over 20 major label releases, including his solo album “Forward Motion.”

He is also a prolific author who writes about music and technology for magazines including EQ, Keyboard, Guitar Player, Pro Sound News, Performing Songwriter, Sound on Sound (UK), Music Run (France), Interface (Netherlands), Keyboards Recording & Computer (Germany), and many others. Craig has authored over 20 books on musical technology, including the classic text “Home Recording for Musicians;” his most recent books are “Cubase SX/SL Mixing and Mastering,” “Sonar 3 Mixing and Mastering,” and “The Sonar Insider.” His next book, “Audio Mastering for Musicians,” is due out in 2005. He also coined the term “Electronic Musician” and co-founded the magazine bearing that name.

As a sound designer, Craig has created sounds for DigiTech, Discrete Drums, E-mu, Ensoniq, M-Audio, Peavey, Steinberg, Wizoo, Native Instruments, Alesis, TC Electronic, and M-Audio. His latest sample CDs are “Adrenalinn Guitars,” “Turbulent Filth Monsters” (industrial drum loops), and “Technoid Guitars.” He also spec’ed the Quadrafuzz plug-in, which is included with Steinberg’s Cubase SX.

In 1995, Craig started the Sound, Studio, and Stage site on America OnLine. Its combination of forums and instructional materials made it one of the first commercially successful sites for musicians. In 2000, the SSS forums moved to the web as part of www.musicplayer.com, a division of CMP Information (the same group that publishes Guitar Player, EQ, Keyboard, and other prominent music magazines).

Because of his ability to demystify complex technology with a practical, hands-on approach, Craig has given highly-acclaimed lectures on technology and the arts in 37 states, 10 countries, and in three languages. But he also continues to play music. In 1998 he started playing on a semi-regular basis with Rei$$dorf Force, a German electronic band headquartered in Cologne, and performing solo under his own name. He also appears occasionally as a guest artist with the group Air Liquide. Several of his tunes have been remixed for the European dance music market.

You can visit Craig's web site, and check out some of his music, at www.craiganderton.com.




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