• Pro Tracks Plus™
Multi-track recording/editing software for PC provides everything you need to track, edit and mix on the PC • 32 stereo tracks • Full 24-bit resolution • Unlimited MIDI tracks with event editing • DXi plug-in processing and soft synths • Supports WAV, AIFF, MP3, MPG, and more
• BIAS® Deck™ 3.5 SE
Multi-track recording/editing software for Mac® OS X
with everything you need to track, edit and mix on the Mac®. • 64 mono tracks • Up to 999 virtual tracks • VST plug-in signal processing • Non-destructive punch in/out • Supports AIFF, SDII, WAV, and more

• Lexicon® Pantheon™
Lexicon® Pantheon™ combines world-class Lexicon reverb with a simple, yet powerful interface. Pantheon features a wide range of reverb types including Hall, Chamber, Room, and Plate, each with 16 adjust-able parameters. Equipped with 35 presets ranging from Vocal, and Guitar, to Live Sound and Special Effects, Pantheon makes it easy to add that “Classic Lexicon Sound” to your projects.
• Cakewalk® Pyro™ Express
CD burning software for PC
Preset Editor/Librarian




PC System Requirements: Windows® 2000/XP, 500 MHz processor speed (1.2 GHz recommended), 128 MB RAM (512MB recommended), 100 MB hard disk space for full install, EIDE/Ultra DMA 7200 RPM hard disk or better recommended.

Mac® System Requirements: OS X version 10.2.8 or later, G4 processor (450MHz or faster), 128 MB RAM (512MB recommended), 20 MB hard disk space, 18 ms average seek time or faster hard disk. Quicktime™ 3.0 or later.




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